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Cellphone Detectors

Cellphones have become an integral part of our existence and although it provides many advantages it can also be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands and at the wrong place. Practically everyone has a cellphone nowadays and control over the use of it is becoming more difficult, luckily cellphone detection technology is improving quickly.

While the use of cellphones is sometimes simply annoying, there are instances where the use of a cellphone could lead to serious complications. Using a cellphone in a hospital, on an aircraft or at a petrol station can lead to malfunction of the equipment putting many lives in danger. The unauthorised use of cellphones in government buildings and during meetings holds a threat to national security as confidential information can easily be revealed. Other problems cellphones can cause are:

  • Cheating during exams
  • Illegal activity
  • Remote activation of bombs and explosives
  • Invasion of privacy

Detecting cellphones have therefore become imperative at many places. New cellphone detecting equipment is 100% portable and easy to use. Cellphones constantly search for signals by transmitting information through a signal. The cellphone detector then picks up the signals a cellphone sends and is able to alert you of the device nearby. A standard cellphone detector can pick up devices from a distance of one and a half meters. More advanced cellphone detectors can pick up cellphones as far as 20 meters away.

Hissco is in the process of sourcing cellphone detectors. Please contact us directly for more information.

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