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CX-Mobile G3

Bring High-Energy Cargo Inspection to any location fast and provide the highest quality for accelerated, accurate screening with L-3’s new CX-MOBILE G3™.

The customisable platform is easily configured for each user’s unique operating environments. L-3’s flexible networking structure allows the image analysis function to be performed locally or remotely. Additional sensors can be integrated easily and viewed on a single user interface.

Operator safety, efficiency and comfort are enhanced through a number of industry leading features such as new ergonomic workspaces, easy step entry, low-noise work environment and open layout. With the unique engine-o_ scanning feature, the G3 consumes less fuel and delivers significant cost savings compared to existing systems.

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Whether the requirement is for rental, leasing or outright purchase, we provide the best quality security detection equipment at the best value with the largest range of options

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