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HS -ATR (Automatic Threat Recognition)

The HS-ATR system is developed by HISSCO’s inhouse team of software professionals. It’s a neural network module based on deep learning technology. The accuracy and the diversity of this module will increase while more and more images are provided and scanned. Currently, the HS-ATR can identify suspicious items in the X-ray Scanning images and mark them. Items such as empty containers, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, suspicious organic objects, etc. Greatly reduce’s the labor intensity and pressure on X-ray operators.

In addition to the processing and display of the X-ray Scanning images, the traditional means of identifying suspicious items is completely dependent on the personal ability and experience of the X-ray operator, Especially in the case of the drive-through container/vehicle inspection systems. Therefore, automatic threat recognition (ATR) systems offer a more comprehensive solution

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