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HS Human Detection System

The HS Human Detection is designed to identify humans hidden in a vehicle. The technology uses highly sensitive seismic sensors to detect movement, and it then uses sophisticated computer algorithms to analyse the data collected.

The HS Human Detection system picks up even the smallest movements made by a person who is concealed and in contact with the vehicle’s cargo or interior.

Motions of hidden humans and human heartbeat are detected with the use of sensitive sensors connected to the vehicle with strong magnets either in a horizontal or vertical position. Data from the sensors are transmitted via cables to a computer, where they are rigorously analysed and then evaluated. The measurement takes about 30 seconds, and the entire vehicle inspection, including applying and removing the sensors, takes no longer than two minutes..

A straightforward, non-intrusive measurement technique is the HS Human Detection system. It is a passive form of detection with no negative impact on nearby equipment or living organisms. It is a modern update to the traditional Human Presence Detector. In less than a minute, concealed people may be found with almost 100% accuracy thanks to the newest generation of hidden person detector.

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