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We have been contacted by a number of clients who have been approached by persons offering huge discounts proposing to be capable of both repairing and providing spare parts on machines supplied by HISSCO. We are the sole accredited service provider in respect of equipment supplied by the manufacturer L-3 Security and Detection Systems. As such, we are the only company authorised to give warranties, supply and maintain L-3 equipment to “manufacturer standards”. In our agreement with L-3 it is mandatory for HISSCO to undergo regular training that includes constant updates on software, mechanical and electronic components. There is also a comprehensive fault and tracking system in place to identify patterns of breakdowns relating to component failure. Even though this may result in recalls or replacements, it is all to the benefit of the customer to maximise the operational life of the equipment. Unfortunately, where either repairs or ‘grey’ parts are supplied by third parties the equipment loses its manufacturer standard and all local / manufacturer warranties.

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