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As we draw into the final quarter of 2017 the festive season looms ever nearer upon us. We understand that November and December are busy periods for most companies and delivery of equipment can be difficult due to heavy traffic volumes within shipping lanes.

With this in mind, HISSCO INTERNATIONAL are offering a once-off 10% discount to any customer who places an order for either a HS 8000 Walk-Through Metal Detector, HS 5030 or HS 6040 X-Ray machine before the 25th Of September 2017.

HISSCO INTERNATIONAL also stock a large range of ‘Restored to New’ machines readily available at 20% less of the cost of new equipment. Rentals options for long and short also available
Enquire now on +27 11 397 1323 or contact us via for more information on this exceptional once-off promotion.

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