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HISSCO International securing the SADC region

HISSCO International in-conjunction with their loyal agents and representatives have been successfully distributing vast quantities of the HS Range Detection range of equipment. With over 100+ Conventional units sold in the past quarter, the most popular models remain to be HS5030’s, HS6040’s and HS1010’s, with continuous growing demand for such X-Ray Scanners. Successfully securing over 14 Airports, cargo terminals, banks, hotels, diamond mines and the like the current mean-time between failure over the past 12 Months still remains at 99.98%. Built to last in the most rugged and harshest of environments, the HS Detection Range remains the brand of choice.

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Whether the requirement is for rental, leasing or outright purchase, we provide the best quality security detection equipment at the best value with the largest range of options

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