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Security Detection Products

HISSCO is proud to announce that we have recently received an order from the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) for security detection products for increased security at government events and high-profile functions. We were asked to supply numerous remanufactured-to-new, custom built, Line Scan 222’s. 

A member of the SANDF commented that “the new security upgrades will certainly put all minds at ease when members of government and high profile individuals attend functions. Thanks to HISSCO and their ability to customise and tailor make machines to fit our needs, we are now fully equipped”.

These Line Scan 222’s have been completely modified to be capable of being transported to all types of locations. Fitted with numerous accessories and upgrades, these machines are perfect for any portable and mobile applications.
HISSCO should like to thank the SANDF once again for their support.

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