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Security X-Ray Machine Training

Introducing the all-new ScatMan 20/20 Security X-ray machine training and image recognition software programme.

The all-new, very first South African designed, computer-based learning software for screeners worldwide has now been developed. The ScatMan 20/20 in conjunction with Hissco and E-Study Development is the first of it’s kind. Designed for learners of any age, standard and capability this software is ideal for any computer literacy. This highly efficient, user-friendly, fun and interactive software has been tried, tested and approved by the Civil Aviation Authorities of South Africa.

We are proud to announce that this development is now currently being used by some of the most renowned names in the training industry as their primary source of learning material. The ScatMan 20/20 was launched in August of 2015 and is set for major expansion globally whilst various international training organisations are already seeing the software in full use.
The primary function of the ScatMan 20/20 is to teach and develop individuals in recognising a multitude of various threats within passenger baggage. Items such as knives, guns and explosives, liquids, gels and gasses or LAGS as an industry known acronym, are placed within fictional bags that occur during an everyday high-risk environment.

The software allows users to go through a fully comprehensive introduction explaining various types of different terminology and procedures eventually moving onto section by section multiple answer tests. Once the user has completed each section with an average of 80% or more they are able to move on.

The next section sees a series of practice, image recognition test’s with a “no-threat”, “possible threat” and “obvious threat” interpretation. The functions that the users are exposed to during this stage are that of a standard security X-Ray machine. Functions such as multiple zoom, black and white, inverse and organic/inorganic stripping come as standard.

After completing all introductory sections at a pass rate of 80% or more, the user is now able to move onto the final test. This test is exactly the same as that of the practice session however the user is required to make a decision within a certain time constraint, similar to that of an airport or high traffic scenario. In order for the user to complete this section, they will have to complete and view a minimum of at least 1000 images. Once completed and passed, the user is now ready and certified to be a fully competent security X-Ray screener for any airport and/or high-risk scenario.

For more information or for a full demonstration on how the ScatMan 20/20 programme works, please use the enquiries page and a member of the team will be in touch within 24 hours.

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